How to pressure wash your driveway

How to pressure wash your driveway

Pressure washing driveways is the easiest way to clean the area. It is quick and does not take too much effort. However, you will not achieve the desired results without following the right steps. This post discusses how to wash your driveway with a pressure washer.

Below is a step by step guide for washing your driveway;

Step 1: Getting started

The first thing you must do as you wash your driveway is clear the area. This involves removing everything out of the way for the pressure washing process. This step is important because the pressure washing picks up loose materials. Therefore, failure to clear the area will cause the materials to fly around, posing potential risks to you and your belongings.

If your driveway is located close to your house, walls, or doors, you may benefit from taking extra preparation steps. This is where you protect the components of your house from the pressure washer. You can cover the walls and windows with cardboard and painters’ tape.

Step 2: Inspect your driveway

After completing the preparation steps above, the next step is to inspect your driveway. The purpose of inspecting your drive is;

  • To determine how your driveway slopes
  • Establish if there are any natural drainage points on your driveway and where they are located
  • Determining if your driveway has a storm drain system in place
  • Determine the type of dirt you are dealing with
  • Establish the driveway material so you can determine the right machine and PSI to use

The information above will help you strategize for the water flow as you wash your driveway.

Step 3: Degrease and rinse off the driveway

One of the things you look out for in step 2 is the type of dirt present on your driveway. For instance, grease and hardened gum are on the driveway’s surface? With this information, you can determine the right way to take on the process of washing your driveway. Regardless, degreasing is essential. It will help loosen the oil patches and sticky substances on the driveway.

After applying the degreaser, it would be wise to let it sit for about an hour or two. This will give the chemicals time to work on the stains and loosen them. From there, you can rinse off the chemicals.

Step 4: Apply detergent

The next step is to apply detergent to the driveway. Let the detergent sit on the area for about 15 minutes to achieve the best effects. This way, you can get the best results when you wash your driveway.

Step 5: Prepare your pressure washer and use it

Finally, you can prepare your pressure washer to wash your driveway. Here, you need to assemble all the pressure washer parts and choose the right attachments. From there, you can use the machine to power wash your driveway. Ensure to apply the right PSI, depending on the driveway material and the type of dirt you are dealing with. Complete the process by rinsing the driveway with clean hot water using a high-pressure nozzle.


Washing a driveway can be challenging, especially if working with a large area. However, you do not have to worry about this issue with a high-powered pressure washer. If you still think it’s hard, you can hire professional pressure washing services.